Father and Daughter

Bringing psychological knowledge 

To help children and teenagers  understand and overcome emotional, behavioural and mental health challenges now

To grow positive futures

About Me


I am Dr Rebecca, a Mum and a Clinical Psychologist.  As a Mum, I know how it feels to be worried or concerned about your child's well-being. You want to understand and address the concern to make things better for them right now, not at sometime in the future.

It can be hard to access the specific help your child could benefit from in a timely manner. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and support services delivered via schools are great, I worked in NHS and Local Authority Services myself for over 15 years before starting my private practice. Unfortunately, the waiting list for these public services can be long, resources can be scarce and the capacity to tailor the support to your child can be limited. ​

Childhood and adolescence are key life stages and are precious. I believe it is important for children and teenagers to access the help they need quickly and for this to deliver positive change in as short a time as possible. For these reasons, I set up my practice to allow me to start working with your child, supported by you as their parent, at the point when the help is required. My aim is to help children and teenagers overcome emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties so that they can thrive in childhood, build resilience and grow a positive future. 

An initial free phone call can be booked in my diary today or you can make a booking request for an initial meeting online or face to face. The initial contact will be the start of us working together to make a positive difference for your child. If you want to see if I can help your child book in for a free chat, send me an email or request an initial session.

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My qualifications are BSc (Hons) in Psychology (University of Reading); PhD in Psychology (University College London); Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (University of Birmingham). The British Psychological Society has awarded me Chartered Psychologist status and I am a Registered Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (registration number PYL18943). I hold an Associate Lecturer position at The University of Worcester, contributing to teaching on their undergraduate Psychology degree course. I am registered with the DBS update service for the enhanced check for children and adults and I have professional indemnity insurance. 

Specialist Psychology Services     

For Children and Teenagers 

I use a range of therapeutic approaches to help children and teens to address their difficulties. These difficulties include anxiety and excessive worry, difficulties managing emotions including anger and low mood, avoidance or phobias of particular situations or things, obsessive or compulsive behaviours, relationship difficulties and difficulties recovering from traumatic events. 

I tailor support and psychological intervention plans to meet the specific needs of each child I work with. I draw on a range of therapeutic approaches including CBT, ACT, CFT, attachment informed approaches and EMDR. 

Depending of the age and needs of your child, sessions can be held on an individual bases or jointly with a parent.  

For Parents

I believe you are a key factor in the support system for your children, irrespective of their age. Working alongside you as well as your child is always considered as a potential part of any psychological support plan I develop with you as a family. 

As part of a support plan, psychological knowledge can enable you to build on your understanding of your child's behavioural, emotional or mental health concerns. I will also be able to share strategies and actions that you can use at home to help your child.